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Committed to Sustainability, Galvanic Joins International Lithium Association

The International Lithium Association (ILiA) was established in 2021 to give a voice to the world’s lithium industry, but the door to membership is not open to just anyone.

The organization’s membership includes a small group of companies willing to commit to the highest standards of environmental, social and governance responsibility. In other words, these companies walk the talk in an industry aimed at reducing carbon emissions worldwide.

Galvanic Energy LLC has been accepted as one of the organization’s newest members, joining five founding core members as one of ILiA’s founding associate members.

Environmental stewardship is a key driver in Galvanic’s lithium plans

As environmental stewards, we are committed to protecting the environment while we produce the lithium resources our nation needs to help reduce carbon emissions for decades to come. We consider it a great privilege to be part of the ILiA’s growing family of sustainable lithium producers.

Of the many applications for lithium batteries, electric vehicles and energy storage solutions are among the largest and fastest-growing sectors, driven by the world-wide shift to electric vehicles as a cleaner form of transportation. The International Energy Agency has estimated that the growth in EVs could see lithium demand increase by over 40 times by the year 2040.

Association was formed to promote sustainability and responsibility in lithium industry

Against this background of exceptional growth, the ILiA was formed to promote a sustainable and a responsible future for the lithium value chain, the organization says. The five founding members of ILiA are SQM; Ganfeng Lithium Co., Ltd.; AMG Brazil S.A.; Allkem Ltd and Pilbara Minerals. Combined, these companies account for well over half of global lithium production. The association will include members from the entire supply chain, ranging from resource production to the end-users.

Galvanic focused on community, governance

Galvanic joined ILiA to show its commitment to promoting an environmentally sustainable lithium industry, but to also reflect the importance the company places on social responsibility and regulatory compliance. For this industry to prosper in the U.S., everyone must be respectful of the local areas in which they operate. They must be good citizens of these communities, working side by side with local authorities and state regulators. While these investments will bring jobs and prosperity, the industry must always remain mindful of the local customs and rich cultures that make up the fabric of these communities.