Galvanic CEO featured speaker at Fastmarkets conference

Galvanic CEO Brent Wilson provided an overview of the company and its lithium project at the 2021 Lithium Supply and Markets Conference

Challenging the widely accepted notion that America must rely on other nations for its supply of lithium, a critical component for batteries used in electric vehicles and countless electronic products, the company recently announced the successful delineation and procurement of a 100,000-acre lithium brine prospect in the Smackover Formation of southern Arkansas.

Estimated at 4 million tons LCE and averaging 325 ppm lithium, it is the most concentrated lithium brine prospect in North America. Given the resource potential and the proven performance (brine production) of the Smackover reservoir, combined with the continued advancement of DLE technologies, Galvanic’s Smackover prospect would substantially benefit the evolution of an ESG-centric domestic LIB and EV supply chain.